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R&D capabilities

In order to continue to achieve technological le&rship and expand market position, in terms of cost design, production design, and quality design, we will vigorously strengthen technological innovation, whether it is from advanced testing equipment. ;, The investment in designing and verifying software, the expansion of the laboratory scale, or the training and absorption of senior technical personnel have all invested a lot of funds in order to master advanced technology and lead the development trend of the industry.   

self-developed automated production equipment And hardware investment

Automated process improvement:

01. In order to establish a modern and high-efficiency factory, reduce manufacturing costs and pursue uniform product quality, over the years KKG R&D units have invested in factory automation production equipment and fixtures to meet In response to the individual requirements of the product, the scale of the equipment is simplified and the maximum function is exerted.  

Introduction of 02.RP (Rapid Prototyping)

In the past few years, we have m& good use of Israel’s OBJET (Objet Geometries Ltd.,) system’s advanced Rapid Prototyping (rapid prototyping equipment) to quickly produce prototypes before formal mold development. The evaluation (Design Review) and confirmation (Design Verification) of product design ideas at the initial stage of the design can also provide design references for future manufacturing methods. It can also provide patterns for molds designed by the mold factory in the future and a simulated presentation (Presentation) for customers to remind future products, so that customers can conduct in-depth evaluation of products and provide correction suggestions.

Focus on the concept of green environmental protection Product design

In response to the demands of environmental protection in recent years, products are in the initial stage of research and development, considering the reduction of environmental pollution and resource consumption in the manufacturing process, and strive to minimize the impact of products on the environment.

01. Research and develop products that meet the requirements of international environmental protection regulations such as EU RoHS and REACH regulations, and have obtained "green product" certifications from many major domestic and foreign manufacturers.

02. The designed product fully meets the requirements of "cleaner production" during the manufacturing process

1. Use of environmentally friendly or recycled materials

2. On the premise of not sacrificing quality, try to save the use of materials

3. Recycling and reuse of materials

4. And reduce the consumption of materials to achieve the demand of "energy saving and carbon reduction"

5. Sharing of packaging materials

6. Early research into materials and materials that will be banned or regulated in the future for environmentally hazardous substances to seek alternative materials and technologies

Collaborative design

In the era of rapid development and change of electronic products, we continue to create new values for products and customers in response to different customer needs. In order to help customers improve their market competitiveness, the R&D team has established a smooth communication platform for product development, integrated internal resources, and communicated directly with customers face-to-face from the new product development stage, gathering the professional knowledge and experience of each unit, and assisting customers in product design, Process design, reliability and feasibility evaluation and cost analysis to reduce the number of mold trials, reduce mold costs, shorten development time and improve production efficiency.



Precision mold design and manufacturing

Precise mold development is the core competitiveness of KKG to maintain its advantages. From mold design, mold parts processing, mold assembly, mold testing to mold repair, all are m& by the factory and dedicated personnel Division of responsibility. Advanced technology and first-rate equipment are the guarantee of quality, and with project engineers controlling the development progress throughout the process, customers can get the highest product quality without having to pay a high price or the risk of delayed delivery.

01. Mold Design
 The R&D department has gathered many professional mold design talents, which is KKG’s biggest competitive bargaining chip. Mold development is carried out by teamwork. And with many years of experience in mold design, to improve product quality, reduce mold costs, and shorten the development schedule as the priority considerations, quickly develop new molds for customers to meet customer needs.

02. Precision mold processing and manufacturing
 KKG has a number of milling machines, precision surface grinders, fine hole electric discharge machines, precision wire cutting machines, optical grinding machines,... . And other high-precision precision processing equipment, constitute a complete mold manufacturing system, the processing accuracy can reach +/-0.002mm, mold parts from material preparation to parts to complete the usual operations, all self-m& by the factory, can be fully controlled Mold development progress and processing quality, and can handle mold parts problems in the shortest time, making mold development more efficient.

03. Mold assembly and testing
 It has an independent professional mold assembly department, and establishes a consistent and standardized process for mold assembly, so that the assembly method is consistent, standardized, and more Excellent assembly personnel who have more than ten years of experience in mold assembly, control the assembly process throughout the entire process, and achieve the highest operating quality with the shortest operating time.

04. Mold maintenance
 Mold maintenance is the most basic management to extend the life of the mold. Daily maintenance is one of KKG's important means to ensure stable product quality. In order to ensure the stable quality of quantity products, an independent mold repair department is set up to quickly eliminate mold production problems with professional techniques and experience, so that molds can be produced under the highest quality conditions.


Assist in abnormal analysis and improvement

The pursuit of first-rate quality is our goal. With the accumulation of technology and experience, excellent professionals, first-rate equipment and complete systems, we will send samples to the client To actively understand the customer’s testing status, we provide customers with the most immediate analysis and improvement of abnormalities, and continue to cooperate with customers to make corrections to assist customers in mass production in the shortest time with the best service quality.

Customized service &nbsp ;OEM/ODM technology

KKG has extensive and in-depth OEM/ODM experience. Based on its existing design capabilities and equipment, it can quickly form a project team in line with customers’ ideas and needs. Provide customized products and services to meet customers' individual specifications.

In order to provide customers with satisfactory services, the KKG R&D team integrates the technology and related resources within the group through the strategy of vertical integration and horizontal division of labor to create an irreplaceable uniqueness Competitiveness, and provide collaborative design, precision mold design and manufacturing, and assistance in abnormal analysis and improvement service processes, provide customers with the most professional advice, create the greatest value at the lowest cost, and create profits and growth with customers.