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Human Resources

Property Control Specialist (1 person) 

 Job Responsibilities:
1. Material requirements
1. Confirm the orders that need to be included in the calculation requirements, and confirm the integrity of the order information;
2. The material requirement function in the system generates the corresponding production plan, and then produces the corresponding purchase plan through the system material requirements according to the production plan;
3. Calculate the remaining inventory of semi-finished products and materials, and change the purchase quantity;
4. According to the sales forecast, the orders and internal contact lists are converted into material preparation lists;
2. Material follow-up and inventory control
1. Material input abnormalities and purchase coordination processing;
2 , Calculate the complete set status of the online batch of materials according to the inventory one week in advance, analyze the shortage of materials and follow up the corresponding materials;
3. Check whether the supplier delivers in advance to avoid overstocking of storage space and capital ;
4. Eliminate inventory for sluggish inventory, follow up the inventory with the department that caused the sluggish inventory every week or ask relevant personnel to give a consumption plan;
5. In order to control the inventory of raw materials, establish a consumption plan. Inventory methods and control methods;
Three, complete material control
1, complete inspection of structural parts and packaging materials;
2, timely feedback of missing materials to the plan. And follow up the materials in time;
3, the progress of the structure and packaging materials, and deal with the abnormalities that often occur in the preparation and distribution of materials.

1. College degree or above, accounting-related major, proficient in using office software and SAP system;
2, more than four years of relevant material management work experience, Strong data analysis ability, problem-solving ability, clear thinking, careful consideration of problems, good at communication and collaboration;
3. Have a strictly prohibited work attitude, be good at learning, have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, and have a strong ability to resist pressure

Contact: lily

Contact number: 400-9988-073

Warehouse Clerk

 Job requirements:
1, high school degree or above, no gender limit; have a certain computer foundation, meticulous and practical;
2, full of team spirit, integrity can obey work deployment;
3, It is required to be serious, careful and responsible;
4. Those with Taobao order delivery experience are preferred.

Work content:
1. Responsible for the storage and acceptance of warehouse goods, Inbound and outbound work;
2. Responsible for the daily inventory entry and exit orders, return orders and other original materials of the warehouse, organize the report work;
3. Responsible for the company's daily order review, ordering, and delivery work ;
4. Responsible for regular inventory of the goods in the warehouse to ensure that the accounts and objects are consistent;

Contact: lily

Contact number: 400-9988-073

HR Administration Manager (1 person)

 Job Responsibilities:
1. Assist superiors to establish and improve the company’s recruitment, training, salary, benefits, performance appraisal and other human resource systems.
2. Implement the implementation of various company rules and regulations, and collect relevant labor policies and regulations.
3. According to the department’s employment needs, select reasonable recruitment channels and allocate candidates to ensure the normal development of the company’s business.
4. Continuously improve the training system, and train new employees on regulations and corporate culture and other related systems.
5. Assist all departments in the internal optimization, motivation and promotion of employees. Enrollment, resignation, regularization, job transfer, conversation and handling of salaried employees.
6. Establish and maintain personnel files, handle the signing and renewal of employee labor contracts, and handle employee social insurance and other affairs.
7. Responsible for team culture, help establish employee relationships, coordinate the relationship between employees and management, and organize employee activities.

 Job requirements:

1. 25-30 years old;
2. More than three years of human resources work experience (including more than two years of recruitment work Experience, familiar with the recruitment process and the establishment of recruitment channels);
3. Familiar with the six modules of human resources, master various rules and regulations of human resources, familiar with various national labor and personnel laws and policies, and be able to use them in practice;

Contact: lily

Contact number: 400-9988-073

Business Department Cost Supervisor/Treasurer (1 person)

 [Job Responsibilities]
1. Organize and lead the daily work of the cost accounting team, guide and train relevant personnel to work, standardize the document operation and ensure the accuracy of the source data.
2. Go deep into the production workshop to be familiar with the processing technology and manufacturing process of the product, and cooperate with the production team to propose cost-saving suggestions and organize the implementation.
3. Establish and optimize cost accounting methods, ensure the accuracy of ERP cost data, and improve related cost accounting processes and systems.
4. Issue cost, inventory and other assessment plans, do a good job of cost analysis and control, and track the cost improvement of business units.
5. Organize inventory counts, control the sluggish inventory growth level of business units, issue inventory reports, and put forward management methods and suggestions for improvement.
6. Organize the preparation of the annual financial budget of the business department, issue the business department budget profit and loss statement, etc., do a good job of budget execution analysis, control and improvement.
7. Design and prepare management reports, regularly issue business department financial operation reports, evaluate the financial status of the business department, and do financial early warning, financial assessment and other related work.
8. Regularly hold cost management meetings with the production department, etc.;
9. Complete other related tasks assigned by the department head.
1, accounting, finance or related majors, bachelor degree or above.
2, 3 years or more of relevant work experience in corporate cost accounting, familiar with the application of standard cost and operating cost, and with more than 2 years of financial management experience;
3. Familiar with financial analysis, financial management, budget management , Priority is given to research on cost control theory.
4. Good at handling process affairs, communication and coordination skills, independent organization planning ability and financial analysis ability;
5. Good professional ethics and strong awareness of cost confidentiality, familiar with using UFIDA financial software

Contact: lily

Contact number: 400-9988-073

Business Director (1 person)

   job responsibilities

1. Organize surveys on target markets, competition situations, customer needs, etc., write market analysis and reviews, and enrich and improve the content of corporate profit models;

2. Assist decision-makers in formulating company development strategies, and be responsible for short-term and long-term company strategies and strategies for the company's product brand market;

2. Responsible for the company's business development and sales operations, capable of transforming plans into results;

3. Set sales targets, sales models, sales strategies, sales budgets and reward plans;

4. Establish and manage the team, standardize the business process, staff business training, and complete the company's business goals;

5. Analyze the market potential, sales data and expenses of the new and original distribution systems or sales channels, calculate profit and loss, and formulate sales policies.      


1. Possess strong market keen observation and judgment ability, certain communication and coordination organization, analysis ability, and good teamwork awareness and work responsibility;

2. Familiar with market planning, organization, implementation, brand promotion and other professional knowledge; market development and sales capabilities;

3. Have good observation skills, analytical skills, communication and coordination skills, and language expression skills;

4. Bachelor degree or above, 30-40 years old

Contact: lily

Contact number: 400-9988-073

Foreign tr& salesperson (3 persons)

Job requirements
1. Education: formal full-time bachelor degree or above, major in international tr&, business English or electronics related majors,

2. Knowledge: proficient in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and international market The theory and practical knowledge of promotion and planning; English at least CET-6, proficient listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

3. Experience: more than one year working experience in foreign tr&, more than one year working experience in exporting products in the printer consumable industry is preferred; if you are interested in foreign tr& and have other work experience, you can also consider

4. Ability: have strong language and writing skills, communication skills, coordination skills, quick thinking, good judgment, good teamwork spirit, strong sense of work responsibility, can bear hardships and stand hard work, can bear greater Work pressure. Familiar with office software, with the ability to use software to process pictures easily. (photoshop, Corldraw, etc.).

5. Be honest and simple. Lively and cheerful personality, optimistic and proactive, with good professional ethics and professionalism, and strictly guard the company’s business secrets.

Job responsibility:

Able to pass B2B platforms, exhibitions and other The search engine independently develops customers, and has a good ability to negotiate, communicate and engage with customers.

①Establish customer management files and sales contract files, and update them in time;

②All documents in this department are sorted, sorted and archived;

Salary: 3,500 monthly salary during probation period* performance coefficient, basic salary will increase after passing the trial period.
Work system: double break system (rest on Saturday and Sunday)

Contact: lily

Contact number: 400-9988-073

Electronic Components Engineer (2 persons)

   Job Responsibilities:
1. For the various functions of the system, in addition to the pre-work of construction, testing, and formal launch, there are also maintenance, troubleshooting, and expansion in the back line.
2. In a limited fixed space, use high-quality and low-cost raw materials to design products that can exert maximum efficacy.
3, Seek possible technology transfer and effective methods to achieve the Cost Down (cost reduction) target, and at the same time, there will be phased assistance to build the plant.
4, if necessary, assist the marketing department to do a good job of after-sales Services and provide related technical support.
1 Have certain professional skills, undergraduates are preferred, college degree or above
2 Good image, decent behavior, high sense of responsibility, and work Enthusiasm, good teamwork spirit.
3 Have a solid knowledge of electronics and electricity and can use it flexibly.
4 Related instrument development, intelligent instrument design, scientific research skills are preferred.


   Tel: 400-9988-073

Sales Assistant

1. Responsible for the management, classification, sorting, filing and storage of the company’s sales contracts and other documents;
2, Responsible for the return visits of new customers, and report sales trends at any time;< br/>3. Responsible for collecting, sorting and summarizing market conditions, and presenting analysis reports;
4. Assisting sales managers to do telephone visits, and timely reporting customer information when sales staff are absent, and handling them properly;
5. Assist the sales manager to do the internal affairs of the department and the records of various internal meetings.

1, college degree or above, good image quality;
2, sales assistant or statistical worker is preferred;
3, serious, careful and responsible;
4. Familiar with office software such as office;
5. Have a sense of service and can adapt to greater work pressure;
6. Be agile and have strong communication and coordination skills.

Number of recruits: 4--5 people.

Salary: basic salary of 2,000 yuan/month during probation period, 3-6 months of probation period. Upon expiration of the probation period, the applicant shall pass the assessment, pay three insurances and one housing fund, and implement a basic salary plus bonus salary system.

Registration method: call to register, send an email to post your resume, and organize interviews in accordance with the order of registration.


Contact number: 400-9988-073

Contact person: Personnel Department, lily