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Employee Care

Employee communicationadenbsp;

The company has set up "employee suggestion rules and methods", which has smooth channels to enable employees to follow the company’s management system or expression of improvement methods. Communication channels include but are not limited to the following methods:

01. Expressed to the company through the welfare committee in accordance with the "Employee Welfare Committee Management Measures".

02. Express and propose improvement methods in accordance with "Improvement Proposal Implementation Method" through the proposal method.

03. Employees can explain their opinions to their supervisors through unit meetings, and submit them after compilation, or discuss them at a cadre meeting.

04. Employees can put their opinions into the suggestion box, organize them and submit them for approval, and use the weekly meeting to reply.

05. If you are sexually harassed at your job, you can put the incident in the suggestion box. After verification, it will be handled in accordance with the "reward and punishment rules."

Health check

According to the "Labor Safety and Health Law" and the "Labor Safety and Health Organization Management and Automatic Inspection Measures", the company’s "Labor Safety and Health Management Regulations" shall be formulated on a regular basis. General health check, if there are employees who perform special health hazards, they should receive special health check. And analyze the results of the implementation of health promotion, and monitor abnormal conditions.


Welfare Committee

In order to enable employees to enjoy the welfare policy, an employee welfare committee was established in accordance with the company’s "Employee Welfare Committee Management Measures", based on the company’s founding capital, revenue status, personal salary, and sales The fixed proportion is allocated as the source of welfare funds, and the use of welfare funds is limited to welfare business facilities, providing various welfare measures for colleagues. The company's welfare committee functions include:

01. Deliberation and promotion of employee welfare work.

02. Regarding the promotion and management of the establishment of club activities for employee welfare.

03. Regarding the presentation and coordination of employee opinions.

04. Gifts for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

05. For birthday gifts or gifts.

06. Organize various recreational activities to meet the needs of the company.

07. Organize or subsidize domestic tourism activities.

08. Wedding and funeral celebrations.

09. Purchase of equipment for cultural and recreational activities.

10. Welfare loan.

11. Condolences for injuries and hospitalization.

12. Purchase of books and magazines in the library.

13. Education and training management.

14. Scholarships and grants.

training and cultivation

The company regards employees as important assets and pays attention to personnel training. In addition to complying with the labor laws and complete welfare system, we plan the career development of employees, and provide courses for employees to improve their functions through a comprehensive education and training system and learning platform, meet their needs, and strengthen the company's market competitiveness.

Education and training methods include: new personnel education and training, job education and training (OJT), in-plant education and training, off-site education and training, and digital learning (E-Learning).