Dongguan Yanghan Industrial Co., Ltd.



Policies and dimensions

Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "sustainable management and human-oriented care". Develop new products in the component field, such as: program switches, multi-function switches, tact switches, connectors, encoders, etc. KKG firmly believes that high-quality corporate governance is the best way to ensure that the company's operations are maintained in the best condition and can balance the interests of all stakeholders. It is also our primary responsibility. The company attaches great importance to the prevention and reduction of workplace injuries and accidents. In addition to fulfilling legal responsibilities, it also continuously improves the performance of the environmental, safety and health management system.


In terms of business strategy, vertical integration with upstream and downstream suppliers and strategic alliances with customers in order to provide the best products and services. In the context of the global village, in order to achieve sustainable operation, we will devote ourselves to environmental protection work, and carefully plan the research and development of products, the selection of materials, the improvement of manufacturing processes, and the packaging and delivery of products, hoping to become a model of green enterprises. In addition to our own efforts, the success of an enterprise still needs the support of a peaceful society, which is taken from and used by society. The company has spared no effort in providing assistance to education and disadvantaged groups for a long time, and has cooperated with other non-profit organizations to sponsor social welfare activities.


KKG corporate social responsibility policy As follows

1. Honesty-based management achieves the mission of sustainable business.

2. Strictly abide by ethics and legal norms, establish a sound system to maintain good corporate governance.

3. People-oriented care, providing colleagues with a safe and healthy working environment, and a workplace where they can give full play to their talents.

4Develop green products that are friendly to the environment and human health.

5. Care about social issues, invest in social welfare suitable for company participation, and add social care and warmth.


KKG Corporate Social Responsibility Noodles

1. Corporate governance.

2. Staff care.

3. Environment/safety/sanitation.

4. Green products.

5. Other projects.