Dongguan Yanghan Industrial Co., Ltd.



Perfect service

For twenty years, KKG has won the trust of customers with its positive, efficient, and excellent service attitude, and has been marketing all over the world. Based on years of experience and achievements, KKG has been conceiving new products with customers, and constantly feedbacks information and serves customers from a synchronous engineering perspective.


Complete product range

KKG has more than 20 years of production and sales experience, with key core technologies such as metal stamping, plastic injection, electroplating equipment and automatic assembly lines, and our product categories are complete and can provide To provide customers with diversified choices and to meet customers' one-time shopping (One Stop Shopping) needs.


Long-term partnership

Our customers are based on mutual trust and cooperation, and they all maintain long-term partnerships. In addition to having a distribution network around the world, our products have also been certified by many international manufacturers and have been used for a long time.


Customized and small quantities Diverse services

KKG has always given priority to satisfying the various needs of customers and providing more complete services. With the efforts and close cooperation of the company's internal units, we can not only meet customer requirements according to different customized needs, but also provide customers with a small number of diverse products to meet customer needs.