Dongguan Yanghan Industrial Co., Ltd.



Quality Assurance Capability

Under the rapidly changing environment and continuous improvement of customer requirements, through good communication with customers, we can understand customer requirements and cognition in time;  meet market needs through research and development Products and services;  We use employees with well-trained cognitive skills, self-developed automation equipment, stable and accurate measuring tools and techniques to measure and monitor products, and provide customers with effective and efficient management systems Reliable products and services.

01. Quality Policy (Quality Policy)

Quality is the expression of personality, and it is also the level of customer trust. Through planned training, employees’ cognitive ability is improved, so that they can understand quality from the heart and implement the requirements of quality. Through good communication with customers, understand customer requirements, and through supervision and measurement, improve effectiveness and efficiency, and provide products that customers trust.

02. Quality management system (Quality Management System)

KKG has never stopped improving quality, holding the spirit of continuous improvement and process-oriented concept, from supplier management, incoming inspection, production process, reliability test, Under the supervision and control of the shipment inspection system, we provide products that customers trust.  


03. Management system certification (Management System certification)

In addition to responding to environmental changes and customer requirements, KKG has adopted international standard management systems ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO/TS 16949:2009 and OHSAS&nbsp ;18001:2007 and other certifications, advance with the times, establish and strengthen the foundation of the management system, and continue to improve toward the goal of exceeding customer expectations.


04. Green & Safety Product Certification (Green & Safety product certification)

KKG is committed to the development of green and safe products. In addition to obtaining GP certification from major manufacturers such as ASUS, SAMSUNG, Zhuhai Panasonic, Canon, SONY (Xiangcheng Factory), ICOM, etc., Also obtained UL, TUV,  VDE, SEMKO, ENEC, CQC  and many other safety certifications.



05. Quality Engineering

 KKG’s product development to mass production has index tasks and quality requirements. Through quality engineering management and product verification, from supplier management to shipment inspection, Equipment tools and various testing procedures, conduct comprehensive testing such as electrical testing, hazardous substance testing, reliability testing, etc., to find out the variation in time to ensure the quality of shipments.


Electrical test  ( withstand voltage test, insulation test, continuity test, impedance test  )


Hazardous substance testing  ( RoHS testing  )


Reliability test  ( life test, environmental test, solder heat resistance test, salt spray test, vibration test, aging test  )


Precision measuring equipment


06. Quality capability( Stamping process)

1. Measurable tolerance of mold parts: ± 0.0005 mm (Measure Tolerance of Tool Parts: ±0.0005 mm )

2. Stamping parts can be measured accuracy tolerance: ± 0.002 mm (Measure Tolerance of L/F: ± 0.002 mm )

3. Process capability of important dimensions: Cpk > 1.67( Cpk of Critical Dimensions: Cpk > 1.67 )

4. Process capability for general dimensions: Cpk > 1.33 (Cpk of General Dimensions: Cpk > 1.33)

5. Controllable minimum important dimension tolerance: ± 0.01 mm (Critical Tolerance Control: ± 0.01 mm (min )

6. Can control general size tolerance: ± 0.05 mm (General Tolerance Control: ± 0.05 mm )