Dongguan Yanghan Industrial Co., Ltd.



Manufacturing capabilities

KKG has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in tact switches, program switches, encoders, connectors and other related products, and uses innovative manufacturing processes and equipment developed by itself to quickly Our manufacturing capabilities, advanced automated assembly capabilities, and sophisticated inspection equipment to meet customer demand for quality, price, and delivery.


production management

01. Flexible production base

Through perfect factory capacity planning, we coordinate the real-time production in Zhuhai, Dongguan and Taiwan in the most efficient way to accurately control the delivery time.

02. Production process flexibility

KKG automatic assembly machine, automatic test machine, automatic dispensing machine and other automation equipment 80% are self-developed and designed. Through modular automation equipment, it can quickly provide customers with different Demand production capacity planning greatly improves production capacity and efficiency.

03. Effectively control production costs

Under strict quality control, each manufacturing process accurately controls various costs in order to achieve the best customer satisfaction.


Innovation process

KKG uses its own advanced technology and innovative manufacturing process to design new products. In the product design stage, the equipment engineer and the manufacturing staff discuss and summarize the characteristics of the product, and come up with a set of the most suitable manufacturing process to produce. KKG develops and manufactures equipment and products through the integration of production processes, which is also the key to KKG's efficient mass production.

Competitive advantage

01. PQCD's lean management

02. Toshms certified environmental protection process and environment

1. Use of green environmental protection equipment

2. Waste water, zero pollution discharge of exhaust gas

03. Create a green manufacturing process

1. Organic solvent improvement: introduction of substitutes (ethanol instead of methanol/n-decane instead of methylene chloride)

2. Recycling of consumables

Equipment capabilities < /span>


01. Advanced high-stability continuous stamping equipment: Yamada Dobby stamping equipment imported from Japan

1. High-density continuous stamping die.

2. High-precision continuous forming stamping die.

02. Advanced technology, environmental protection, continuous partial silver electroplating automatic production line

1. Partial plating width accuracy: + /-0.05mm.

2. Accuracy of local electroplating film thickness: customer specification lower limit +15um.

03. Green environmental protection hydrocarbon ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. Use environmentally friendly non-toxic cleaning agents.

2. The waste liquid is completely recycled with zero discharge.



04. Green environmental protection electrolysis recycling equipment

1. High economic efficiency, electrolytic recovery treatment of silver/copper electroplating waste liquid.

2. In-plant wastewater discharge control capacity: COD value < 600ppm; copper ion content < 3ppm; silver ion content < 0.5ppm; PH = 5 ~ 9, The sewage plant will then treat the sewage discharged from the plant to zero pollution.