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Environmental Safety and Health Management

Environmental Safety and Health Policy

01. Promote the concept of environmental safety and health, maintain environmental quality and ensure employee safety and health.

02. Follow regulations and other stakeholders’ requirements, and carefully plan the environmental safety protection system.

03. Do a good job of sorting waste and recycle resources.

04. Continue to improve environmental safety performance, establish a disaster prevention system, and create a safe and comfortable working environment.

05. Promote a community of life, mutual benefit and symbiosis, watch and help each other, and do a good job of being close to each other and good neighbors.

Since our company was founded, we have been adhering to the attitude of humanistic care and sustainable management, under the premise of constantly changing environment, seeking change, innovation and gradual progress with the times. ; Continue to develop new products in the field of electromechanical components, such as: program switches, relays, terminal blocks, computer peripherals, connectors, stamping parts, etc. In terms of business strategy, in addition to strategic alliances with customers, it also vertically integrates with upstream and downstream suppliers to provide customers and users with the best products and services. As a member of the global global village, in order to achieve sustainable operation, it is even more duty-bound to invest in environmental protection. From the research and development of products, the selection of materials, the improvement in the manufacturing process, and the packaging and delivery...etc., we spare no effort in careful planning and careful research and development, hoping to become a model of green enterprise.

For compliance with environmental protection, safety and health regulations and other requirements, the company also declares that it should have the intention and responsibility to comply with regulations and other requirements when the standards are not exceeded. In order to meet the public's expectations of the company, we will continue to strengthen the prevention and reduction of workplace injuries, diseases, unhealthy, damage incidents and accidental incidents and other risk management. In the safety and health management system, employee participation is the basic element of the system. In the process of establishing, implementing, evaluating and improving the environment, safety and health management system, employees are required to actively participate in order to more effectively implement their commitments and establishments. Environmental safety system. In addition to fulfilling statutory responsibilities, we will continue to improve the environment, safety and health management system so that it has good performance as a criterion.

The implementation content and results are as follows

01. Promote ISO14000 certification, promote and publicize the GHS system, and implement chemical substance management.

02. Establish the company’s "Chemical Substance List" database and implement relevant education and training courses on hazardous substances.

03. Promote and publicize smoking prevention and control, and set up smoking areas.

04. Establish OHSAS and TOSHMS management system certification, and implement safety and health regulations.

05. Formulate a labor safety and health management plan, and implement regular audits and tracking.

06. Plan and implement labor safety and health education, training and publicity, improve employees' awareness of safety and health, and implement the goal of workplace safety.

07. Announce and label safety and health precautions in the workplace, and conduct regular inspections of the working environment.

08. Held health lectures, healthy yoga, aerobic dance exercises, and eye protection exercises to improve the physical and mental health of employees and promote their awareness of health and hygiene.

09. Purchase sports equipment and set up a fitness zone to provide employees with room for physical and mental exercise.

10. In line with the Department of Health’s breastfeeding policy, encourage female colleagues in the company to breastfeed, and set up a milk collection room in the factory to provide a safe and hygienic milk collection environment .

11. Obtained three independent certifications for healthy workplaces to enhance corporate image. Regular health management seminars are held to provide employees with correct health concepts.

12. Encourage employees to pay more attention to healthy eating, promote healthy meals, and let employees have the concept of healthy eating. Promote healthy weight loss activities and establish a BMI self-monitoring scale for all employees to enable good health management.