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Other projects

Customer care

■Provide customers with complete solutions

KKG has been committed to providing customers with diversified products and complete solutions for many years. Through the integration of the upstream supply chain and the continuous expansion of the existing product line, it has not only mastered Upstream key technology and material supply, and diversified product lines also allow customers to have more choices and try their best to meet customer needs. Through vertical integration and horizontal integration, KKG's core competitiveness is also increased.

■Long-term partnership

KKG pursues mutual growth with customers. In addition to understanding the needs of end customers and seeking solutions, it also actively establishes long-term partnerships with distributors in various regions to assist Distribution partners have improved their business strength and can respond to the needs of end customers immediately. Through long-term cooperation and hard work, they have grown together and become KKG's long-term trusted partner.

■Customer satisfaction

KKG regularly conducts customer satisfaction surveys and statistics for all customers every year. The marketing department sends customer satisfaction questionnaires to customers. Customers are asked to focus on quality, delivery, and price. Provide valuable opinions in terms of, technology, and comprehensive impressions. After collecting and analyzing the results, the feedback feedback from customers will be reflected to relevant units for improvement, and they will be tracked and confirmed.

■Cooperate with customers’ industrial environment and social responsibility to investigate and improve

KKG can deal with the environmental safety laws and regulations or other requirements of customers in real time, and relevant units must also investigate and improve according to customer requirements, so that the company can continue to comply Request to improve KKG's performance in environmental and social responsibility.

Vendor counseling and audit

Choose suppliers that meet the company’s supply quality and processing quality requirements, and counsel to pass the ISO 9000 quality system to establish, review, log in, manage and Evaluation, and continue to require manufacturers to meet ISO/TS 16949 technical specifications as the goal. In order to promote green products, organize green partner briefings for suppliers to introduce laws and regulations, the origin of green partners, the introduction of schedules, coordination of documents and materials management, etc. All qualified suppliers who have newly purchased or new regulated materials must specify the prohibited environmental management substances in the specification or contract, and the supplier must provide relevant information certification and provision of materials complying with the specified environmental management substances Warranty and non-use certificate.

Strictly require all suppliers to restrict or ban hazardous chemical substances listed in accordance with the stage, and conduct regular audits on suppliers every year. At the same time, the audit will provide guidance and explanations to suppliers with problems, and Incorporate into the annual plan to implement and improve the quality of suppliers. Secondly, strictly control the recognition of parts and materials and the inspection of finished products, and use a systematic management mechanism to ensure that products can meet international regulations and customer requirements.

Social care

In addition to caring for its employees, KKG does not forget to show care and feedback to the society.

1. Implementation of shared reading and sharing "Love Library" & "School Reading Redevelopment Project"

The company is jointly formed with the business community and ac&mia; the "Love Book Bank" planned and implemented by the "Taiwan Reading Foundation", the main purpose is to promote the public reading platform for all . "Love Library" combines the love of social enterprises, professional teachers and volunteers to promote reading activities. It is expected to extend from "campus" to "society" to maximize the benefits of limited resources, cultivate a reading atmosphere for the whole people, and enhance the diverse values of the Chinese people. A civil society of courtesy and harmony.

2. Building education cooperation to cultivate talents

The company continues to support donations to the August 8 Flood "School Reading Reconstruction Project" initiated by the "Taiwan Reading Culture Foundation" to help disadvantaged students in the disaster to gain soul from reading Growth and peace.

3. The company organizes blood donation activities every year to encourage "donating a bag of blood, saving lives"

The company cooperates with the Youth High School, Qiaotai High School, Lingdong Technical College and other technical and vocational schools to provide learning space and pass on practical experience for students in the school. Acquire one skill. The staff dormitory that provides a more comfortable environment for the students from far away places, so that the students are not used to go back and forth, and they can study without worry.