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Analysis: The composition of the slide switch

来源:Dongguan Yanghan Industrial Co., Ltd.  时间:2020-09-09

The sliding switch is mainly assembled by the following parts through the corresponding process: < /p>

1. Iron shell (material: generally iron ; Treatment process: through electroplating nickel or black-burning process to prevent oxidation)

2. Plastic handle (Material: generally POM material, if fire retardant and high temperature resistance is required, PA nylon material processing process: injection molding is often used)

3.Terminal (material: generally phosphor bronze; treatment process: silver plating)

4. Insulating bottom plate (material: bakelite; process: stamping and forming)

5 .Contact chip (material: generally phosphor bronze; treatment process: electroplating silver)

6. Circle Shaped wave beads (material: generally stainless steel; treatment process: electroplating nickel)

7. Slingshot (material : Bronze; Process: stamping and forming)

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8. Decorative oil (material: one of red oil or green oil chemical oil Kind, applied to the contact part of the terminal and the bottom plate for decoration. It is generally required to be non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

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